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We provide legal services in all areas of law, especially in such legal matters as:


    • full range of legal services in contract and obligation law (drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts, legal assistance to clients within the contracting process)

    • drafting, negotiating and reviewing other legal documents

    • legal analyses, opinions and positions

    • legal risk assessment

    • representation at meetings with business partners, public and other authorities

  • commercial law / Corporations and cooperatives

    • complete legal service for corporate clients

    • founding of various legal entities

    • corporate changes,

    • preparation of all corporate documents

    • general meetings, membership meetings, notary attendance (ensuring the presence of a notary)

    • records in the Commercial Register

    • recovery of claims

    • company transformations and restructurings


Complete legal service within real estate transactions (drafting contracts - purchase contract, donation agreement, barter contract, future agreement, agreements on transfer of rights and obligations in cooperatives, etc.), writing and filing land records registrations, legal representation at meetings for contract signature, escrow of financial means and documents, etc.


    • preparation of labor law documents - employment agreements, agreements on work performed outside of the employment relationship (agreement to complete a job, contracts for work), internal guidelines, workplace rules, payroll and other regulations etc.

    • creation, changes and termination of employment (agreement, immediate termination, dismissal, termination of employment in the probationary period, termination of employment for a definite period, non-competition clause, qualifying agreements, agreements on employee’s liability)

    • matters regarding invalid termination of employment and claims arising from it

    • employer's obligations upon termination of employment (severance pay, job evaluation, certificate of employment)

    • obstacles to work on

    • payroll regulations and issues

    • collective bargaining


    • criminal defense

    • representation of victims in criminal proceedings

    • preparation of pleadings in criminal proceedings

A large part of our work involves representing clients in proceedings before courts and public authorities in all stages of judicial proceedings and in all of the aforementioned legal matters. We are therefore ready to write any and all of the necessary documents – legal actions, appeals, challenges, and constitutional complaints.